Rest In Peace, Kugan a/l Ananthan

Another sad day for Malaysians in general. Today marks the violent, brutal and inhumane death, presumably at the hands of the police, of Kugan a/l Ananthan. Kugan, who was nabbed in connection with a luxury car theft syndicate was being questioned at the Taipan police station in USJ, Subang Jaya when he “suddenly collapsed”. Selangor police chief Khalid “I swear we didn’t arrest them while Negaraku was being sung” Abu Bakar insisted that Kugan died of “liquid in his lungs”. One certainly cannot be blamed for questioning the authenticity of this audacious claim of this proven liar. Read more about the entire episode here. The following pictures taken of Kugan’s injuries after his family barged into the Serdang Hospital mortuary tells us a different story altogether. It doesn’t look like “fluid in the lungs” to me. Second guesses, anyone?

The following pictures may be too graphic for some. Viewer discretion is advised.














6 Responses to “Rest In Peace, Kugan a/l Ananthan”

  1. Mehanathan Nackeeran Says:

    It pains me dearly to see a brother brutally beaten to death, whether guilty or innocent this is no way to treat a fellow human being. My prayers and consolation go out to the parents, family members and relatives.

  2. Carl Zeiss Says:

    It’s not possible may be syndicate ‘inside men’ in police department involved when the poor late Kugan gave so much info on the syndicate…who knows? Feel sorry to his family.

  3. chicken excreta Says:

    Kugan is a criminal. One of the worst and most notorious. If the senseless criminal can be so brutal at such a young age, you can imagine how he had treated the police while in custody and how the police would react. The parents must be responsible but judging by the way they had immortalised Kugan The Criminal, and stormed into the hospital, you know how they had raised Kugan.

    Police keep us away from criminals like Kugan. And while we sleep soundly at home, I don’t care how police did it. If I had been Kugan’s victim, this is precisely what I wanted to happen to him. Court procedures is too lengthy that it only upholds justice to the criminal and not the victim. Kugan had shown every single criteria of an evil criminal. Detained after brutal car chase, showed the police to 15 hijacked car and (allegedly) admitted to traumatising victims with crash-and-rob style of crime.

    An innocent would have been cooperative and there should be no reason the police can be forceful. It’s not everyday that criminal in police custody died, Kugan must be a very disgusting one.

    Police is the hero in this one, …

    Even one of those detained in the procession was a murder suspect. I don’t know who else would the police uncover if the whole procession was detained and screened. Procession of criminals for a criminal?


  4. wat d fuck r u sayin chicken excreta or whatever shit ur name is???if kugan who was oni involved in a car syndicate is wat u call a brutal, notorious n senseless criminal,how bout d person who was involved in nurin’s n ataltunya’s case???is kugan worse than tat???i certainly don tink so…if tis is d punishment 4 kugan,then how shud d person who killed nurin brutally be punished?? diff punishments jus becos they r of diff races??how unfair…i feel pity 4 those non malays stayin in tis country : (((

  5. fucker chicken, hw do u even know that he’s a criminal?? its nt up to u or me or even the police to judge that! according to procedures, its the role of the COURT to do the judgment and he if he is found guilty, then u punish him with enuf evidence! n wats all the torturing about?? no man should give pain to others, tats not up to us! a car syndicate thief n u cal tat brutal huh??wat about the police who burn his skin using hot iron? n even suffered him til his muscle tissue collapsed n blocked his kidney? a car thief n u cal that brutal, a polis who burns ppl are ur protectors?? FUCK OFF!

    good name though, CHICKEN!

  6. azman hsssan Says:

    the police officer employed by the gov are far too youg but soo happy posessing a gun, A symbol of power maybe.what the fuck they are mindless …tak de otak buat nephew recetly died due to the police stupidity and reclessness..but once we take over the gov…we will chase you out from this country…

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